A free South Korea is a clear winner

In response to the Monday letter, “Bring our kids home from wars”:

Your loss is undeniably tragic, and the timing of your hero’s death will forever make each Christmas sadly more memorable. To your statement, “There can never be a winner,” I respectfully add that each day South Korea remains free from communist rule, a winner is clearly seen. Freedom and sacrifice are a required combination.

I’m sure your pain is not, or has it ever been, singular. I trust the thousands of family members learning of fallen loved ones during the American Revolutionary War not only grieved as you, but also praised the courage and sacrifice, surviving themselves on the cherished remembrance that their loved one lives on through every free man, woman and child.

Merry Christmas Gloria (Martell) McClinchy, and PFC Robert C. Martell, USMC. I extend my sincere gratitude to you, PFC, and all others for the honorable duty of securing freedom for others.

Jeff Stone