A good candidate for 44th District

I was quite pleased to learn recently that Mike Wilson has decided to become a candidate for State Representative in the 44th District.

I’ve known Mike for over 25 years. I taught beside him at Cascade High School, and he taught and coached my son at Snohomish Junior High School.

I know Mike as a problem solver, with great communication skills. He is a political moderate who can bring diverse sides together to find solutions to our state’s problems. He will not stop working for the men and women of the 44th District.

His family has been part of our state for over a century. His children were raised in Everett, and his wife owns a small business in Everett.

Mike learned to hunt and fish from his father, and has passed on his passion for the environment on to his children. They hunt and fish with him throughout our great state.

Mike’s knowledge and interest in education, business, and the environment make him a natural to serve the 44th District.

I would like to thank Mike Hope for his years of service to the 44th District, and I’m quite pleased that Mike Wilson is now a candidate to fill that seat

Mike Therrell