A lot to enjoy, and look forward to

I read the Nov. 14 letter, “City lacks things to look forward to” with great interest. However, I don’t think the writer sees the larger picture in his analysis. If he did, he might develop another opinion. I wonder if he has visited the Arena Grill at Comcast and looked on the wall. I am amazed at the number of acts that have performed here. An ice skating championship broadcast live on NBC a few years ago. Right here in little ol’ Everett.

I wonder if the writer has been to a summertime AquaSox game or spent a day at the incredible beach on Jetty Island? How about the waterfront’s farmers market, Fresh Paint or an outdoor concert? Strolled or biked the sidewalk pathway along Marine View Drive and East Grand. My friends call it the Sawdust Trail as it passes many of the former lumber and shingle mill sites that lined the waterfront and riverfront.

Has the writer ever been to a production at the Performing Arts Center, taken a glass-blowing class at the Schack Art Center or taken a child to the Children’s Museum? Visited the Everett Library and attended one of their wonderful talks and presentations? Just look at the expanding campus of Everett Community College.

Fun skating sessions at the public ice rink at Comcast. Take the Pigeon Creek Trail to Junction Beach or to Howarth Park for a dip in the saltwater. Did I mention Silver Lake? The Fourth of July celebration at Legion Park with food, music and fireworks? Yes, there is a car show downtown but there are also parades, brewfest, food truck day and a number of good restaurants. Entertaining performances at the Historic Everett Theater.

Legion or Walter Hall for a round of golf. Or, head to Forest Park pool. Grab a kayak and travel to a city park along the Snohomish. Paddle the river or a tributary slough. Fish for pink salmon in the fall. So many American cities would love to have one-fifth of what we are blessed with.

True, the city is not problem-free. Many tough to solve. A college class taught me positive mental Attitude. You lose that, you are a goner. Maintain it, you will survive. Imagine the completion of the Hampton/Farmers Market/Apartments and hopefully soon to be Marriott. We reach critical mass. More people downtown. Maybe a downtown grocery store and retail stores. More things to do.

There is a lot to look forward to.

Neil Anderson


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