A new definition unfair to others

Society has the responsibility to advocate for and support the best interests of those who cannot do so for themselves. One way this is accomplished is through governmental policies. Governmental policies need to support and strive for the ideal for these groups.

Children are one of these special groups that need the best efforts of all to look out for their best interests. Research shows the ideal family structure for children is one with two married parents — a mother and a father. While not all families represent this structure, it is still the ideal. As such, government policy needs to support and encourage the ideal situation.

Support for the ideal is why it is important to reject Referendum 74 on same-sex marriage. As a society we need to support and strive for the ideal. Under Washington law same-sex couples already have the same benefits that married couples do (visitation, inheritance, property, etc). While I recognize the desire for same-sex couples to express their love, commitment and fidelity to each other, redefining marriage for everyone and governmental sanctioning of a non-ideal structure is not the answer.

Brandon Bodily