A new template for elections

Applause, applause to Jerry Cornfield and the Herald for the Oct. 21 article, “Where 1st District candidates stand on issues.” So few words, so much information! Here, on one page, are the two candidates’ ideas, values and goals in a comparable format — everything I would need to cast an informed vote.

We need legislation that promotes this type of pre-election communication. We need legislation that allows legislators to focus on their responsibilities, rather than campaign funding. Our current system is not only wasteful, but encourages subversive pressures from private interests. Money comes with agendas. Funding from the candidates, families, friends, or corporations must be disallowed.

I’d like to see important political campaigns funded only by the government, in a very moderate, low-cost way. I want to see, in indelible ink, the values, goals and plans of each candidate in a format that encourages comparison. Via local newspapers, or the Internet, this information “in the candidates’ own words” (translations as needed) would be available to all voters. Using the Herald’s article as a format, the government would present one-page info sheets, several times during the year preceding the elections. These “info sheets” could be followed up with the candidates’ responses to the most FAQ’s, maybe five or 10 per week.

I’d like to see a few live, televised, debates with candidates addressing the nation’s state of equality, foreign affairs and the USA’s place in the new global economy. During those debates, after a 10-second warning, I’d like to see the speaker’s microphone malfunction!

I’d like to see the candidates focused on the work we’ve elected them to do, (or they otherwise perform in their communities) especially in the year preceding elections. They should be impressing the voters with their leadership, energy and effectiveness, rather than their words.

Linda Vaughan