Act is anything but ‘affordable’

Regarding the Friday letter, “Inslee for health care from start,” about the “Affordable Care Act”: I am always surprised by people writing about what they obviously know nothing. Where has the letter writer been? The act has already increased health costs. And most people are not aware that part of the act has another unmentioned tax still to go in effect. A tax on real estate sales, of 3.8 percent, to help cover this cost of this act! Think about what that will do to you if you have to sell your home.

Then there was the letter about silencing voters. Where is this happening? Oh, you mean the move to require voters to prove they truly have the right to vote? I don’t know of any state, party or organization that is trying to suppress the vote. Most states used to require verification in some way to be sure a voter was entitled to vote. Here, we used to have to sign in, and our signature was verified to the voter rolls. What is wrong with that?

To claim that requiring proof of the right to vote is suppressing the right, is insulting to say the least, as applied to any group, minority or not. You have to have ID to cash a check, oftentimes to use a credit card, to buy liquor, if you look too young. It seems to me and a lot of people, in view of past instances of voter fraud, that requiring ID of some sort is most logical. Why not?

F.L. “Pat” Jacobs