Admin put ahead of students

The fact that the Everett School District squirreled away $28 million over the past 20 years is abhorrent. They then spend the $28 million on an administration building without public consent? Where are their ethics and integrity? All I can see is pure self gratification with no thought to the maintenance of our schools and the well-being of our students, let alone the apparent financial cronyism in the district. My total taxes for this last year was $2,390.14, of which $1507.80 went to schools; $1077.66 to local schools and $430.14 to state schools. Is there no oversight regarding the money in the district that can set aside at their own discretion $28 million?

My husband and I will not vote for any school bond issue again.

Every single person on the school board needs to ashamed and embarrassed over their actions along with anyone that has a direct financial interest in this endeavor. Shame on you, shame on all of you. You have made our children the losers and the beggars for funds that, as far as I am concerned, were misappropriated.

Sharon L. Nelson