All agencies need to enforce cell law

The passage of Senate Bill 6345 regarding the use of cell phones is long overdue. The bill makes the use of using a cell phone while driving a primary offense.

In the Friday article, “Bill passes making cell phones, texting while driving primary offense,” Rep. Mike Hope, R-Lake Stevens, said the new cell phone law will likely be enforced most often by the Washington State Patrol. I hope that will not be the case; all law enforcement agencies should aggressively enforce the illegal use of cell phones. The issue of safety should be enforced by not only the WSP, but by all county and city law enforcement agencies as well.

In the article, Rep. Kirk Pearson, R-Monroe, who voted against the bill, stated: “I feel law enforcement has many other things to do than looking at people on their cell phones.” Rep. Pearson should wake up and get off his cell phone, and look around and see how the users of cell phones negatively affect the normal safe flow of traffic on all state, county and city roads.

I look forward to June 9, when the cell phone law goes into effect.

Harvey A. Jansma

Camano Island