All insurance plans socialistic

The writer of the Monday letter, “Some will pay for everyone else,” says he now sees that “Obamacare” spreads the cost of health insurance among all insurees. In other words, he has realized health insurance is socialism.

Whatever he wants to call a health insurance plan — Blue Crosscare, Aetnacare, Group Healthcare, Obamacare — all are forms of socialism. That is, they spread the costs among all insurees even though some insurees use no health care and others use a lot. Socialism is the nature of any insurance program — auto, boat, life, health or what have you.

The next awakening for the writer is to see that his current socialist health insurance demands profits for salesmen, CEOs, and shareholders to the detriment of medical care for insurees. After all, profits are made by “selling” health insurance then having administrators disallow as many benefits as possible. And, as profits must grow ever higher in private business, insurance prices go up without real reference to whether medical costs have gone up. Anyone with the writer’s open eyes can see EMTs, nurses and most doctors are not getting rich. In fact, many are being laid off even as private insurance prices are going up.

So, the question before the writer will not be whether to join a socialistic health plan. Rather it will be a question of enriching salesmen, CEOs and shareholders (foreign and domestic) or seeing that the money is spent on insurees and the Americans directly providing medical service. The answer will probably depend on how much the writer believes votes and lobbying can affect an elected official’s decisions versus how much he thinks he can personally affect the decisions of CEOs.

Paul Heckel