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A new iPad application called Flipboard takes the links posted on your Facebook or Twitter account and your friends’ status updates and tweets and makes a digital newspaper out of them.

A Flipboard newspaper’s top stories will have headlines like “Adorable Kitten Plays With Ball of String,” “Some Jerk Cut Bob Off on I-405 Today,” and “Kaitlyn So Stoked About Sale at Mall.”

Self-help: Personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary writes about a new book that’s intended to encourage people beaten down by the recession.

The Buzz assumes that means each book contains a job offer, or at least a $20 bill so the reader can buy gas to get to a job interview.

Hut one: The 2010 NFL season begins Thursday, so it’s time for fans to select a sports bar at which they’ll be watching all the action. Herald writer Aaron Swaney is here to help with a rundown on the four habits of highly successful sports bars and a list of sports bars in Snohomish County.

To which The Buzz offers the following bit of sports bar advice: Don’t ask that the channel be changed to “Cake Boss.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff