And the Oscar will go to …

Jon Bauer, The Herald

Oscar Buzz

That’s why the audience is blue: With Oscar Night upon us, Herald film critic Robert Horton makes his predictions for likely winners. Horton notes that the best picture nominees have been expanded to 10 to lure in more TV viewers.

If that doesn’t work, “Avatar” director James Cameron said he will create an appreciative 3-D digital audience to boost the ratings.

Can it take notes? A new iPhone app, iStanford, has made the paper campus map obsolete and allows Stanford University students not only to find their way around the California college but connect with a campus directory, find class schedules and add and drop classes.

Other apps aimed at other universities are sure to follow; iWSU will display the morning farm report; iGeoduck will show Evergreen students the location of current Hacky-Sack games; and iUW will provide a list of the next five Husky football coaches.

Are you experienced? Sure, it’s taken about 40 years to release, but a new Jimi Hendrix album, “Valleys of Neptune,” with 12 tracks recorded in 1969 and unreleased until now will go on sale Tuesday.

We have a question for those under 25: Honestly, 40 years from now, will you be eagerly awaiting the latest album of unreleased material from Lady Gaga?