Anger at those who judge

The letter “Reinstatement wrong message“ from Ms. Anderson reminded me that I too am “having a hard time controlling the anger I feel…” regarding the Carlile family.

Unlike Ms. Anderson, whose anger is directed at Mr. and Mrs. Carlile, my anger is directed at people like Ms. Anderson and all of the holier-than-thou folks who have condemned and vilified the Carliles throughout this tragedy. How dare you sit in judgement of this family!?

Firearms become a part of a police officer’s life the minute they take the oath to serve and protect their communities. They are sworn to uphold the law 24 hours a day — every single day of the year. They don’t stop being law enforcement officers at the end of their eight-hour shift. Their weapons are not locked inside a vault at the police station.

My husband and I are retired law enforcement individuals.

From our own experiences we have seen lapses in judgment involving service weapons.

Law enforcement officers are not infallible — they can and do make mistakes. Should we punish them differently than the parent who loses a child when they back the family car over them? Or the parent whose child drowns? Or the parent whose child is abducted and killed?

I resent Ms. Anderson stating that “Officer Carlile and his wife need to accept some sort of punishment…” Really? Really?! Does she think that they will ever stop punishing themselves for this?

Like it or not, firearms are a vital necessity for police officers to protect and serve the communities they work for. I am relieved that the legal system worked and that the Marysville Police Department has reinstated Officer Carlile. It’s a shame that they cannot find a way to reinstate his pay.

Jacalyn O’Brien


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