Any misuse endangers lives

Regarding the Aug. 2 David Ignatius column, “Anti-leak bill full of holes, bad ideas”: Government is faced with the need for openness of information to the public and restriction of that information to ensure successful military, scientific, and diplomatic functions. Our private sector also restricts commercial information to ensure protection of proprietary information from competitors, foreign and domestic.

The primary criterion for classification of information is to restrict an adversary from knowing our capabilities or our vulnerabilities. This knowledge would give the adversary a heads up on countering a legitimate function of government or commerce. I have worked in classified environments in government and the private sector and recognize the critical nature of this type of information control. Those who misuse classified information for personal or political advantage endanger lives, undermine the function of our government, and show a total disregard for their oath of office. Revealing classified information can be treasonous if done during wartime. But surely is stupid any time.

Joel Carlson

Retired FBI

Camano Island