Area can’t handle 93 apartments

Recently we received a postcard notifying us of the application for development of the former church property located at 148th and 48th Avenue West, Edmonds (off of 148th, behind and adjacent to the “reservoir” or whatever nickname your family has for it!). Upon further investigation, we found out that this proposed construction is for a 93-unit apartment building! As residents of this neighborhood for over seven years we are shocked and dismayed that this overwhelmingly single-family-residential area is even being considered for this type of development.

The impact of this project is immense. Not only will it negatively impact traffic, our community safety (graffiti, drag racing up and down 148th, sheer volume of people on the street) and simply add the impact of 93 families to the community, it will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the environment. Especially the wetlands and holding pond portion of that area. Our green spaces and natural areas are too few and far between and deserve to be preserved not only for the sake of those creatures who live there but for the humans who benefit from that bit of nature.

It has also come to my attention that the main access driveway to the complex will be on 148th. That driveway is directly across the street from a bus stop. Yes, a Community Transit bus stop … which is also a Mukilteo School District School bus stop. On any given weekday there are at least 20 children between the ages of 5 and 18 being picked up and dropped off by the district buses at that stop, some with parents present, some without. The parents of the area have already seen an increase of traffic during these times and are very wary as it currently stands. Adding 93 apartment homes worth of traffic to that “intersection” is an accident waiting to happen.

The addition of a 93-unit apartment complex to this area is a completely unacceptable notion. The fact that a former church property could even be zoned for such use is incomprehensible.

The negative impact of this type of development in a single-family community is staggering. In addition to the few points above, this will drive the single-family property values of the immediate area even lower.

If you live in this area and would like more information on how you can get involved in protesting this development please email s