Arizona should also send guard

As I write this, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is ordering National Guard troops to the border. Way overdue. Now Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer needs to do the same. If Obama doesn’t like it — tough tootles. The feds have done little or nothing to control the border and enforce federal law since Truman and Eisenhower. Now the states have to do what’s necessary to protect legal citizens and help keep contagious diseases, gang members, potential terrorists and criminals out.

Headline at the top of Monday’s front-page Herald: “The president is expected in Seattle for a fundraiser Tuesday. Traffic may be affected.” May be affected? Seattle will already be a parking lot this week due to fire-related highway closures and lane restrictions/repair work. And Obama has the narcissistic hubris to come here anyway? So typical. It’s all about him — never mind how things affect others. The Secret Service has been here for days arranging security and logistics. Don’t tell me Obama doesn’t know about the traffic nightmare that he’ll just make worse. Commander-in-chief? How about Commandeer-in-chief.

Fred Hutchins