Babies, parenting not a requirement

I am still shaking my head at the two letters Sunday opposing same-sex marriage. It was their use of parenting and conception as arguments that caught my attention. To say that traditional marriage has created the best family model for thousands of years ignores the incredibly high divorce rate. Just as short-sighted is declaring that marriage and parenting should only be granted to those with ability to join sperm and egg.

“Children want to know where they come from,” was my favorite statement. Based on the one-man, one-woman model, and the ease with which so many are able to conceive, too many children come from such sources as rape, faulty condoms and deception. Too often the results are unplanned pregnancies and children who don’t feel loved or wanted.

I’ve often thought that if a background check and license were required to conceive … well … never mind! Instead, the authors would deny a marriage license to a committed couple who is willing to go through far more complicated and expensive steps to become parents than most (not all) traditional couples. Children need to know they are loved and wanted, period.

Claire Baker