Bad repercussions will be only result

I totally agree with the Aug. 15 letter, “We’re on course to lose this country.” Washingtonians need to wake up and take notice of what is happening in our state. Gays already have all the rights given to them. We do not need, nor should we change the definition of marriage to accommodate them.

With more and more homosexual couples starting to adopt and want to be married, I think some people forget the repercussions to come if gay marriage is accepted. I have many questions, but am worried for the mental health and future of the children of gay couples. It’s going to be confusing for the children in life and school to have two dads or two moms while their friends have one of each. And, the question is, “Do same sex couples raise their children straight or gay?” Parents have a powerful influence on children.

I truly believe we are going to see some “bad” repercussions out of the gay marriage in our future generations. I don’t support gay marriage; I don’t think it is right. And, the government shouldn’t be trying to make it right. As I have said before, homosexuality is not normal and I don’t believe most are born that way.

We all need to vote in November and the changing of the definition of marriage will be overturned.

Gary Fisher

Lake Stevens