Bader will help unrepresented south

In 1962, most of Everett’s 30,000 citizens and City Council members lived north of 41st Street. A half century later most of Everett’s 100,000 citizens are concentrated south of 41st Street and yet almost half of Everett’s City Council members still come from the same small area in Northwest Everett.

Also over this same time, an awareness has grown in these south-end neighborhoods that their dramatic growth has provided strong economic and tax-base benefits for the entire city, while not providing similar growth in benefits such as enhanced local access to sports fields, parks and libraries. This disconnect between shared benefits and unshared services growth, has not gone unnoticed by emerging leaders like the energetic and committed Scott Bader.

Growing-up in the south end, Scott experienced all the above and acted. In 1990 he co-founded one of the south end’s first formal neighborhood groups, Cascade View. Scott went on to assume a variety of public and professional leadership roles always demonstrating his talent for listening with an open mind, decision-making and action, assets that will serve us all well on the Everett City Council.

Barry and Carol Smith