Baird off-base on support for Israel

Regarding the Sunday Viewpoints commentary, “Sound bites aren’t sound foreign policy”:

I take issue with former Congressman Brian Baird when in his one-sided guest commentary he takes issue with politicians supporting Israel.

I am a World War II-wounded veteran of combating submarines on convoy duty in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, the D-Day invasion of Normandy, the invasion of Southern France, the Minesweeping Operation of Okinawa, and the invasion of Okinawa. I am a proud American and a proud Jew and a supporter of Israel with whatever flaws it might have.

On the other hand, I don’t see any background of Baird in his commentary. So, I might have to guess that as a congressman, he represented left-wing faculty at Evergreen State College, a faculty who indoctrinated rather than educated the ill-fated Rachel Corry in her preference for Palestinian terrorists.

Baird also fails to cite pertinent background information on President Obama, who was strongly against settlers building homes in Israel. Some of Obama’s background could influence his stance on that issue. Obama, as a youngster, was educated in a religious Islamic school in Indonesia where he and his mother lived. Those schools are known for presenting Israel in the worst possible ways.

In the meantime, I would like to cite the fact that Israel is a democracy. Its law-abiding citizens are treated equally, regardless of their religion. In fact, as examples, a Muslim is a justice on the Supreme Court and Muslim physicians practice in Israel’s prestigious hospitals. All of that is contrary to the happenings in other Middle East countries, where people of the same religion but of different sects murder each other.

I feel sure that if Baird were living in the Middle East, he would prefer to live in Israel rather then in any other country where dissent is not tolerated, frequently in horrible ways.

Kal Leichtman