Base retirement on life expectancy

Now that the election is over, and societal adjustments are going to be made at all levels, is it not time we also look at increasing benefits to special minorities like men?

We should allow males to retire at a younger age than females, since males don’t live as long as females. We deserve a longer retirement, just like women receive naturally.

We should also spend more on men’s health care, again, we don’t live as long as females. This of course means that black males should be able to retire even earlier, since their lifespan is shorter than white males.

Males are truly a minority in this country. The majority, the females, should stop taking advantage of us. It is simply unfair. It’s time for men to stand up for their rights.

More men should get help going to collage, since a larger percentage of females go to college. Also, the fields that have a higher percentage of men should have higher wages, to make up for their lack of education. The fields of construction and heavy manufacturing come to mind.

We also need to form mens studies programs at universities. We also need help with the costs of birth control. Condoms and vasectomies should be free, just like birth control pills. It’s all about fairness, folks.

John Branthoover