Basketball script an exciting one

Like many of you, I love a good come-from-behind story with the underdog winning in spite of the odds. You’ll be happy to learn that we have such a Cinderella story happening in our own community.

Granite Falls High School’s basketball program has gone from winning one game in the past two seasons to going to the playoffs and being ranked in the top three teams in their league. The turnaround has been amazing and even more fun to watch.

With such great things happening in Granite Falls you might wonder why you haven’t heard or seen anything. It’s true, there haven’t been any glowing write-ups or interviews with the team, which is disappointing and sad. The players are working extremely hard and deserve their moment in the spotlight, especially after their win over Kings, a private school that was undefeated in league play.

So if you’re interested in finding out more, check the sports page and hopefully you’ll be reading good things very soon.

Tamar Wilson

Lake Stevens