Baumgartner is a refreshing leader

Regarding the Herald Editorial Board’s endorsement of Maria Cantwell: As a Republican (recent precinct committee candidate) who had planned to vote for Sen. Maria Cantwell because she was going to win and also likes the rule that makes it hard to pass most anything — that 60-vote minimum that prevents any socialism from getting through the U.S.Senate — I found instead a champion of freedom and what works in state Sen. Michael Baumgartner.

Thanks to Sen. Baumgartner, I’m no longer keeping my support of Initiative 502 to myself. For Washingtonians, 502 is good policy that is long overdue. For fellow Republicans, this is what leadership looks like. For the victims of the totalitarian drug war there’s hope.

If all voters got to watch the Cantwell-Baumgartner debate and if the Herald would elaborate about their “eclectic focus” label they put on Sen. Baumgartner’s efforts to legalize pot, the man from Spokane would go to the other Washington.

Shane White