Be mine, Valentine, just watch your feet

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Heavy heart: Target said it was pulling Valentine’s Day “Message Bears” from its shelves because the Chinese-made teddy bears have levels of lead 10 times higher than allowable limits.

A customer first noticed a problem with the bear he bought after he offered the stuffed animal to his girlfriend, accidently dropped it and broke her big toe.

  • Lend a hand: If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day treat to impress your sweetheart, check out the recipe for mocha baked Alaska today.

    For authentic Alaskan charm, write the recipe in ink in the palm of your hand for quick reference while you’re baking.

  • Jay &Dave, BFFs: Jay Leno says his reunion with once and future late-night foe David Letterman for a Super Bowl party ad was enjoyable and gracious.

    The only awkward moment came when Conan O’Brien called Letterman to tearfully ask why he hadn’t been invited to the party.

  • Lynnwood, start your mowers: The City Council, hoping to keep Lynnwood beautiful, passed a nuisance ordinance Monday night that outlaws grass in lawns more than 8 inches tall.

    We didn’t realize lawn maintenance was a big problem in Lynnwood, but maybe the billboards and strip mall awnings were blocking our view of the unkempt grass.