Beauty is only pixel deep

Beauty is only

Pixel deep: A 14-year-old Maine girl has won her campaign with Seventeen magazine, convincing its editor to stop using Photoshop to alter photos of models into unrealistic images of beauty that girls should strive for.

Teen girls nationwide hailed the policy change by the teen fashion magazine, then asked if the latest Photoshopped issues of Vogue and Cosmo were in.

Instant Karma’s going to get you: Teen hearthrob and Lhasa apso Justin Bieber was stopped and cited on Highway 101 in Los Angeles for driving in a reckless manner at speeds exceeding 65 mph, a California Highway Patrol officer said.

Police weren’t swayed by his explanation that he was driving erratically because he couldn’t see over the top of the steering wheel in his Fisker Karma sports car.

Don’t know much about history: On this day in 1919, the first Transcontinental Motor Convoy, a convoy of U.S. Army vehicles, left Washington, D.C., for its cross-country journey to San Francisco.

The convoy actually started two days earlier but turned back after the first day because they couldn’t remember if they had locked the Army base’s front door.

—Jon Bauer, Herald staff