Behavior is not a national trait

I seldom read a full column by Froma Harrop because she is so fully predictable. She classifies everyone by their perceived attachment to a particular group. Conservatives are heartless bloodsuckers in Froma’s world. Tuesday, however, she outdid herself. (“Americans should mull French model of parenting.”)

Her characterization and description of American toddlers in action is both insulting and ludicrous on the face of it. When we were raising kids, we traveled halfway around the world with three kids ranging in age from 1½ to 6. We spent two years living in the Middle East and traveled back with a 3½-year-old, a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old. At no time did other travelers have cause to look at my kids with irritation.

Behavior is not a national trait regardless of Froma’s stilted outlook on the world. Teaching children good behavior is both common sense and the retention of sanity for parents. You will have to pardon me but I think Froma is a twit.

Phil Bate