Bigger not always more efficient

Shame on that former Lynnwood employee who wrote the April 11 letter, “Taxpayers would win with mergers.”

He should know that taxes are lower in Lynnwood, in part because we do not have a fire district tax. Our water rates are lower than the water district’s, too. We run a very efficient city. We will continue to work with our neighbors for more cooperation where it makes dollars and sense for our citizens.

We will not off-load basic services to another agency because in the long run it will cost our residents more. A fire district can give sweetheart deals to nearby cities only so long. Eventually cities that contract will have to pay the piper and fire district voters will get tired of subsidizing them. If people want to pay more taxes:

1. Don’t annex to Lynnwood.

2. Vote for a regional fire authority.

3. Continue to believe that bigger is always more efficient. We don’t.

Ted Hikel


Lynnwood City Council