Bigger problems than gun issue

Mr. John Albeti’s guest commentary regarding gun violence, and the proposed restrictions being touted in Congress, are among the most cogent that have I have seen. (Saturday, “Some ideas on preventing gun violence.”) He is saying exactly what anyone even remotely familiar with firearms has known since this entire anti-gun agenda was initiated by the some of the most liberal members of Congress and the current administration.

One question that screams to be answered. Is Congress and the Obama administration fostering the entire “firearms crisis” to distract and divert the peoples’ attention away from the truly critical problems currently threatening this country? It certainly would seem that unemployment, the economy, the national debt/deficit, illegal immigration/border security, the growth of gangs, a decaying transportation infrastructure, and a failing education system are more urgent and pressing concerns than what a gun looks like, or how many rounds it holds. Any person with a lick of common sense and concern for this nation’s future would give the former issues a higher priority on a congressional “must do” list than the latter. The fact that they apparently aren’t may account for a congressional approval rating that’s lower than the probability that China will suddenly forgive our debt to them.

Lee Fowble


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