Biodiesel is the patriotic choice

Using biodiesel has never made more sense, considering the thirst for petroleum that has caused disasters like the ongoing BP gulf oil spill and the economic impact of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It is critical that we reduce that demand and diversify our energy use so that the environmental and socio-economic impact of our dependence on oil is lessened.

In light of the Monday article on biofuels (“Biofuel venture hasn’t paid off for Snohomish County”), it is obvious that it takes more than environmental and patriotic sentiment to sell biofuels to government and individuals. Biodiesel is a clear winner, however, for the responsible thinker.

Here are the up-sides: Diesel cars and trucks have more torque than their gasoline counterparts. Diesel cars, especially small four-cylinder ones, are both fast and efficient, boasting fuel efficiency between 35 and 55 miles per gallon! Diesel trucks are more efficient, too. Manufacturers of diesel motors have been building them for a biodiesel blend for several years, so no modification should be necessary for as much as B5 (5 percent biodiesel), and some even up to B100.

Biodiesel has better lubricity and leaves fewer deposits in injectors as it burns cleaner than petro-diesel, and emits less harmful by-products. Biodiesel is grown and processed locally, in this state, benefitting our farmers and our workers, not some foreign entity.

If all those reasons won’t sway you, consider that biodiesel can be purchased at or below petro-diesel prices right now. (My last tank of B20 was $3.14 per gallon). Make the all-around smart choice. Switch to a blend and help keep our state and country strong.

Ray Sayah