Blame without facts beneath us

Reagan lost 200-plus Marines in Lebanon in one incident. Sept. 11 happened on Bush’s watch with advanced warning from the terrorists they were going to use planes against us. It took a year for the government to admit there were no WMDs in Iraq after Secretary of State Rice warned us about the mushroom cloud and thousands of lives were already lost. John McCain first wanted to arm Gadaffi then wanted to arm the insurgents in Libya. It’s not easy in the Arab world to figure who’s on first, but attacking the elected government before all the facts are in should be beneath everyone but the purist of ideologues.

Israel is successful in targeting bad guys in Palestine because all Arabs aren’t bad guys, some of them work with the Israelis. If the Republican party believes these partisan attacks will gain them traction, I personally think they are as wrong as their understanding of the electorate. So Obama promised “stuff” to the masses and Romney promised “stuff” to the elite and we know who won. Get over it while you still have a modicum of respect. One thing is indisputable, the engine of our economy is driven by the spending of the masses and not 3 percent of the population. If this weren’t true, the Bush tax cuts would have produced a vibrant economy, which by now we all know, it didn’t. Get over it and do the people’s business, please.

Joe Shifflette