Blaming Gregoire passes the buck

I got a kick out of Rep. Dan Kristiansen’s guest commentary in Sunday’s Herald. (“Where’s the funding for U.S. 2, Governor?”)

A true partisan all the way, he is attacking a lame duck governor throughout an entire quarter page of newsprint for the lack of funding for U.S. 2 improvements.

Isn’t U.S. 2, or a good share of it, in his legislative district? Did he offer one solution? Isn’t it the job of legislators to generate ideas and write bills and come up with funding to solve such problems, especially a legislator who is a member of the House Transportation Committee?

I think so. I don’t live in his district, so I don’t get to vote for nor against him, but I do drive U.S. 2 often and I expect him and the other legislators in our region to improve this dangerous highway. There have been some things done to it lately — rumble strips, speed zone changes in areas with heavy cross-traffic, left turn lanes, and an overpass at the west end of Bickford Avenue is in the works. These are all positives, but only small dents in a larger problem.

But I do know that a legislator taking cover by attacking a lame duck governor is not helping solve problems. No doubt Dan Kristiansen doesn’t have the guts or the political affiliation to propose revenue generation to solve the problem running through his own backyard.

Ken Hansen