Blocking reform hurts all of us

We are sad!

Who are we?

We are all Americans.

We know the Republican Party is pushing to gain more control and power by blocking health-care reform and thereby flexing their muscle against the Democratic Party. The Republicans don’t know there is no “them and us.” There is only “us.”

By attempting to defeat health-care reform they are attempting to cause great injury to “us,” the American people. More people will die for lack of insurance coverage; more will go bankrupt due to high medical bills. The rich insurance companies who have found loopholes will make more profits and pay fewer taxes so our government will struggle more and more — the common citizen suffers.

It is a downward spiral for the Republicans because they are weakening their base of support — the American people. Politicians are playing the win/lose game which only serves to weaken and divide our nation, thus denying Americans the medical coverage they deserve.

We are ready for a strong, independent Congress to bring us together again. Lincoln knew the truth when he said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Our great nation will head toward collapse as long as politicians act on the illusion that there is a “them and us.”

We are aware that financial greed is an addiction affecting many of our politicians. We see how the misuse of power in the hands of a few causes the common man to feel helpless and oppressed. In all of history one truism stands out — “The oppressed will rise up against their oppressors.” Remember the War of Independence. Remember the Civil War.

We need a government with “us” in mind and in action. When this comes to be we will have a strong nation truly indivisible with justice — and health care — for all.

Nancy B. Miller