Blot that calorie

Mark Carlson, The Herald

Blotting a slice of pizza with a napkin isn’t merely a way to silently say, “Wow, this is disgusting.” Blotting actually does remove some fat and calories, celebrity doctor Nancy Snyderman says.

We can hear the sales pitch already: Pizza? Doughnuts? Frosting straight from the can? Yes, you CAN eat anything you like, thanks to the Napkin Blotter Miracle Diet™.

Liquor LoJack: A judge ordered Lindsay Lohan to wear an alcohol-detection bracelet Monday, as part of the legal fallout from the actress’ various brushes with the law.

The bracelet will automatically notify authorities if the 23-year-old Lohan takes a drink or comes within 30 feet of Amy Winehouse.

So long, guest room: Beginning next year, as many as 1.2 million young adults under 26 can stay on their parents’ health insurance plans — even if they’re not full-time college students, a new report says.

That may be good news, but the report also contained a chilling finding: Up to 900,000 of those young adults will be moving back home by April 2011.