Born to be wild (and Wi-Fi connected)

Get your GPS running: Harley-Davidson is upgrading the iconic hog, adding high-tech touches that include voice-activated GPS, “infotainment” systems that can link with an iPhone and engine cooling that lowers the temperature of the exhaust from the tailpipe.

What isn’t changing is the styling of the Harley rider, who remains gray-haired and bearded and able to spend $20,000 to $40,000 on a bike, otherwise known as a Boeing employee.

More popular than the Mariners dancing grounds crew: Seattle police will deploy undercover officers at Seahawk home games this season. Incidents on fan-on-fan violence and harassment last season prompted the move.

For the most part, the officers will be indistinguishable from the average fan, except when lining up in shirtless formation with body painted letters on their chests spelling out “To Protect and Serve.”

Channel-surfing the vast cultural wasteland: The Fall TV Season has arrived, with at least a few possibly watchable shows, including the return of “Ironside,” this time with Blair Underwood instead of Raymond Burr as the sleuth in a wheelchair.

Just in time, too, because the cast of CBS’s off-season “Under the Dome,” should have already escaped the dome through its huge plot holes.

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