Bravo to students, stores, shoppers

The day before Thanksgiving was a teacher training day for Edmonds School District; students had a day off. The Lynnwood High School TriM club organized its second annual food drive. TriM stands for “Modern Music Masters” and is a music honor society. A total of 112 Volunteers gave over 450 hours of their time soliciting donations from the community in front of eight local grocery and drug stores. They collected over 10,000 items and $3,300 to benefit the Lynnwood Food Bank in a single day.

The students involved were amazing in their generous, exceptional attitudes, the insane amount of work they accomplished (it’s a lot of work to collect, load, unload, sort and count this much food!) and professional and positive demeanor.

Selena Eng, Kaleb Decker, Zach Logsdon, Andra Buzatu and Kevin McClenahan were this year’s food drive committee leaders, who worked for over eight weeks to make this event so successful.

We owe a great deal to the stores which allowed us access to their space on such a busy shopping day, and were true partners in this outstanding event. We couldn’t have done it without support from:

Mill Creek and James Village Albertsons, Mill Creek QFC, Mill Creek and 33rd Avenue Lynnwood Rite Aids, Lynnwood Grocery Outlet, Trader Joes and Fred Meyer (164th).

Bravo to the stores, the students and the shoppers who donated. Their collective generosity will have a tremendous impact on our community this season.

Amy Stevenson

Lynnwood High School Orchestra Director

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