Breaking and vacuuming

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Nearly made a clean get-away: A woman who owns a cleaning service in Ohio was arrested after she allegedly broke into a home, washed the dishes, took out the trash, vacuumed, then left a bill with her name and address on it for $75. The woman told police she does it all the time.

We know it’s hard to find good help, but if you’re patient sometimes the help will find you.

A study in contrasts: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed a ban on the sale of large servings of sugary soft drinks, limiting sodas and other sweet refreshments sold at restaurants, theaters and stadiums to 16 ounces. Meanwhile, a church pastor died after he was bitten by a rattlesnake in West Virginia, where it remains legal to handle snakes during church services.

Somewhere there’s a happy medium, perhaps Maryland, where it’s legal to handle snakes under 16 ounces.

Enter the Dragon and tidy up a bit: SpaceX’s Dragon capsule splashed down into the Pacific, capping a successful journey to the International Space Station, the first ever by a commercial space operation.

The only hitch? When the recovery crew opened the capsule, they found an Ohio cleaning woman had been by to straighten up and had left a bill for $75,000.