Brien Ford covers other’s mistake

I recently went to a repair shop to have the spark plugs changed on my 100,000 mile Ford Expedition. When the No. 5 plug was removed, part of that plug remained in the engine head. Apparently they tried to remove that piece by beating on it and did damage to the cylinder head.

I decided to take my truck to Brien Ford, which had a tool designed to remove that broken piece. They finished the job and replaced the balance of the spark plugs. I was on my way, or so I thought.

It turned out that what was done to No. 5 cylinder by the first repair shop damaged the area in the head where the spark plug seats, allowing compression to leak, which resulted in an engine miss. The repair for this is a new head, making a simple spark plug replacement very costly. I was in a bind, to say the least. I have back issues from three surgeries and wasn’t able to find a replacement vehicle that would fit my back, and I looked for five days.

I made an appointment with Casey Saltz, one of the owners at Brien Ford. I explained all that had happened to me and he said he would call me. The next day he called and told me that they could install a new engine at their cost, which I gladly accepted. I never asked for anything like what he offered, this was purely a gracious act on Mr. Saltz’s part.

I cannot stop telling people of the grace extended to me … that one business actually covered the abuse caused by another. Wow, that just doesn’t happen in today’s business atmosphere. You see, it’s the things you do when you don’t have to that make a difference!

Thank you Casey Saltz and Brien Ford.

Lloyd A. Larson Jr.


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