Broken system needs real change

Republican George W. Bush was our president for eight long years and our economy was ruined by lack of control over financial corporations and by the greed and corruption of people in high office. The lies and misinformation used by Republican politicians in order to regain the White House leads me to believe they might try to delay the economic recovery in order to help their chances in the upcoming November elections. The Supreme Court decision to allow corporate donations to political campaigns, even foreign corporations, assures the Republicans will try to buy back the White House and Congress.

If this is true, it constitutes treason against the United States. We need a government that can work together and compromise for the benefit of all its citizens.

This country’s political system is broken. Both the major parties are dysfunctional due to their desire to further their agenda rather than the needs of the majority. Government revenues are down all over due to the recession, so taxes must be raised or wasteful spending reduced to keep from cutting vital services. Yet Democrats are being blamed for raising the national debt and taking over the country, when Republicans would be doing the same thing.

Investors on Wall Street are making millions while one third of working people owe more on their homes than they are worth. There are many state workers that “double dip” their pensions to greatly increase their pensions, even at the risk of their state going broke. This has really been bothering me since I believe “United we stand, divided we fall.” History proves that revolutions are started when the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That seems to be happening in America.

The majority voted for change, yet we may be going back to the conditions that almost brought down America.

Tom Collins