Brown won with views, not looks

I was appalled when I read Jerry Cornfield’s column in Sunday’s paper headlined, “Maybe a centerfold pose wins elections.” To even think, let alone put into print, that the voters of Massachusetts elected Scott Brown based on a magazine photo is insane! It’s a good thing Mr. Cornfield’s column was published here on the West Coast because I dare say the good citizens of Massachusetts would have a few things to say about his sickening drivel, too.

To set the record straight, Massachusetts elected Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate because he is a solid, common-sense conservative who also represents the majority of Americans who are sick and tired of the Chicago-gangster-style, secretive, deal-swinging politics of the current administration. Sen. Brown’s No. 1 campaign promise was, “if elected he would be the 41st Senate vote against Obamacare.” I seriously doubt that a photo of Sen. Brown had anything to do with his 52 percent win over Coakley’s 47 percent loss.

Diane Thomas