Build new schools for less

As reported in The Herald, the Everett School District has assigned $89 million dollars of its $259 million bond proposal for phase one of a proposed new “smaller high school.” District officials have not determined the actual square footage as it is not available of such a high school, so how can they assign a $89 million price tag? Facilities director for the Everett School District stated to me that there are no competitive bids available for the public to examine for either the new high school or a proposed elementary or on any of the upgrades to existing schools that make up this $259 million bond. He stated the district has its own formula for determining these costs without competitive bids.

They should rethink this bond proposal. As an example, look to the Granite Falls 133,000 square-foot-high school that could easily serve as a model for phase one of a new high school, and it can be expanded as the district grows. Most impressive is the cost of this quality school that was built during the height of material and labor costs in 2006. It opened Jan. 2 2008, fully equipped with all the fixtures necessary to accommodate students for class. It is a verifiable fact it was completed at a cost of $40 million by Berschauer Phillips. Everett School District wants $37 million for an elementary. With actual competitive bids, there is solid evidence these schools could be started now and completed for millions less. Granite Falls did it, so why not Everett? We support our schools. Complete information is not too much to ask. In the best interest of the district and our students, look at the potential savings of millions of dollars that could be used more efficiently.

Lynn and Linda Claughton