Burbank can go speak for himself

Regarding John Burbank’s Oct. 24 column, “Counter the lobbyists who occupy Olympia”: (The dictionary’s definition of the word “counter” is contrary, opposite, opposed, adverse; i.e., get rid of the lobbyists.) He stated that he went to work in the dark that morning and would probably ride home in the dark, as well. He went on to say that the nation’s mood is equally darkening and things in Washington state are not much better.

He listed at least 20 or more conditions negatively affecting our economy, as well as suggestions for corrections to restore economic opportunity. He also suggest that, instead of lobbyists occupying a legislator’s time and attention, citizens should spend time in our legislators’ offices to ask what specific actions will occur to close loopholes and restore the economy.

Perhaps Mr. Burbank should pursue another course of action, rather than urging citizens to occupy Olympia while the Legislature is in session. The lieutenant governor, Brad Owen, is thoroughly knowledgeable of all legislation proposed by committees in the Senate and House; perhaps Mr. Burbank could contact him for information. Mr. Burbank could request to appear before a committee or committees to present his suggestions for restoring economic opportunity and growth in our state. It is possible to appear before a committee without registering as a lobbyist. A call to 1-800-562-6000 would enable him to obtain procedural information.

John R. Hayes