Can anyone help young job seekers?

In response to the Oct. 14 commentary, “High stakes for young voters”: Being a young voter I would agree we have a responsibility to our country and future by voting. I would also like to say as a college student I am told repeatedly I will not be able to get a job when I graduate. Even if I were to get a job after graduation it most likely would not be enough to pay off all of my student loans.

I have been listening to what candidates are saying and none of them have given much of a solution for this growing epidemic. Going to college used to be a window into a bright future, now it seems more like a window looking into a fog. Our future is growing dim and there doesn’t seem to be a clear way out. Voting may determine who is in office but let’s face it, education is the topic that gets talked about, but once elected it gets swept under the rug.

How will placing someone in office get us into a decent job? We can’t just pick a candidate and expect them to fix all of our problems. Young voters are a very small segment of the public and our votes will not make the impact this commentary suggests. Whether we vote or not, our futures are going to remain dim and the economy will take much longer than our generation to repair itself and be welcoming to the younger generation entering the workforce.

Wendy Ozanne