Can collectors just trying to live

We just recently moved to Everett, and I must say I’m disappointed.

I spent 10 years in the service and like everyone else, this is a bad time or hard time for us.

A couple times a week in our old town, we scouted the alleys for aluminum cans to recycle so we can purchase our monthly prescriptions rather than go on welfare. Everyone was helpful and polite. We had checked with police and it is not against the law.

Here people are disrespectful and rude. If they don’t wish us to take their discarded cans all they need to do is tell us and we will skip their garbage. I don’t mean to say all are rude; some are very nice, even keeping them separate for us.

For 10 years my family lived in fear when the phone rang or there was a knock on the door, afraid it would mean we would never see our special person again. This was nothing compared to the germ and water-filled holes he lived in, cold and hungry, watching his friends being blown into so many pieces they couldn’t find enough to send home — so you can live free. And now you are mad about helping us with a few throw-away aluminum cans for medicine. Makes you so proud — God bless America.

Lula Sorenson