Can’t afford more payola schemes

According to Froma Harrop’s Sunday column, Americans can speak for themselves and don’t need any stinkin’ Republicans doing it for them. It’s as if her holier-than-thou Democrats and beloved Obama, Reid and Pelosi haven’t been spinning the same “We know what the American people want” mantra of their own.

She goes on to state Obama’s health-care proposal (what health-care proposal?) is pure as the driven snow and doesn’t contain any of the earlier nastiness that was so precious to Democrats a few months ago. I wasn’t sure Obama had written a proposal. There have been so many of them, who can keep track of who wrote what and when?

Back to the wants of the American people, and really, who really knows what that fickle bunch wants? Methinks that many Republicans, tea party patriots and yes, even some blue dog Democrats, have seen the disaster Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid have wrought upon our economy — it just isn’t feasible to open another unpaid-for, big government payola scheme. Our health-care system needs an overhaul, but not this far-reaching and all-controlling boondoggle that will pull our economy further into the swirling bowl.

What makes this health-care reform bill so inconceivable is the lack of any bipartisan support. Republicans have not been allowed at the table until last Thursday at Obama’s Dog and Pony Extravaganza. Even then, Obama cleverly nixed their ideas. Someday, Americans will need to face the fact that whether we need it or not, we cannot afford this health-care plan of the Democrats.

Cindy Kadinger