Can’t let industry go unregulated

So, I’m watching these presidential election ads and here is what I hear Romney and his friends telling me. The No. 1 thing is this awful deficit and the runaway inflation it will cause. The cure for this is cutting taxes with emphasis on entitlement funds, and government regulatory agencies and strengthening the military.

Let’s see. So we end up with no regulation on industries that, before that regulation were poisoning our air, land, and water at rates so alarming that we are still trying to catch up on the clean up. One of those industries will be the massive war industry now able to press the newly empowered military into greater aggression and lobby the legislature into greater cooperation in that effort.

What a great future. We get to spend our final days participating in a dead heat race between strangulation in a worldwide environmental sewer with lots of poison to go around because the poor and infirm will already be dead from starvation and sickness and the more merciful extinction of global thermonuclear devastation.

I’m thinking that I would rather see the deficit attacked by an escalated assault on waste, corruption, and the creation of jobs by anyone but major industry that took what they were given to that end and stuffed it into their piggy banks.

The trouble with dog-eat-dog and devil take the hindmost is that eventually the hungry wolves notice that they outnumber the fat ones. It won’t be pretty.

Harold R. Pettus