Can’t turn backs on those in need

Thank you for the terrific Sunday article by Julie Muhlstein and Sharon Salyer: “Homeless students face extra burdens.”

The upshot of the article is, of course, that our priorities of government (education and public safety first, social and human services last) have helped create our homeless and “new poor,” and with support services continuing to be the first to be cut in this difficult economy, at all governmental budgetary levels, the situation is looking even more grim.

C.S. Lewis said that everyone knows the “right thing to do” and yet, as a whole, we choose to do otherwise, with reasons we believe justifiable. There are consequences to that choice — to all of us as individuals, as a society and as human beings. As the article points out, it’s hard to study when you’re homeless. You’ve got a few more important issues at hand, like food, safe shelter and personal security that tend to overshadow school studies.

We all know the right thing to do. Please join me in contacting your elected officials at all levels (particularly your state legislators just starting the 2012 session) and tell them, please, “No more cuts to safety net/lifeline and social and human services programs.” Let’s do what we know is right this time and make those elected/legislator contacts, please.

Jim Bloss