Cantwell defines do-nothing

I had begun to think it had become extinct because there had been no sightings for a number of years. The other day I did witness the appearance of the being that is even more reclusive and evasive than Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster!

It’s the Maria Cantwell, it only comes out in public view during the election cycle and thereafter retreats to an undisclosed location deep inside Washington D.C. It only comes out to tell its subjects all the good things it has accomplished, that alone is a tough job.

The problem is that it simply doesn’t do anything. It has never answered any phone calls with anything other then one of the elves saying, “It hasn’t taken a position on that question yet.”

To my knowledge, it has never held a town meeting or public forum in any town nearby. Possibly it holds “public” discussions in union halls only. It does take credit for helping Boeing get the tanker contract.

If this is the best Washington can elect, then God help us!

Ken Kraft