Car Balk

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Hanging up the tote bag: Brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi, best known as “Click and Clack” on their long-running NPR call-in show, “Car Talk,” announced they will not record new episodes after September.

With “Car Talk” among its most popular shows and a draw during pledge season, NPR is now scrambling to fill the void. Among the ideas being kicked around: “Par Talk,” featuring Tiger Woods and Chi-Chi Rodriguez taking golfers’ questions; Martha Stewart’s new show on home canning, “Jar Talk;” and “Car Mock,” with alleged comedian and game show host Howie Mandel telling jokes about Pintos, Priuses and Hummers.

Lame excuse: I’ll Have Another, the colt that was on the cusp of the first Triple Crown win in 34 years was scratched from today’s Belmont Stakes because of a swollen left front tendon discovered after a routine gallop.

Deprived of an exciting betting opportunity, the nation’s gamblers consoled themselves by wagering on the color of the next car to come around the corner. Beige was offering 3-to-2 odds with pink the 25-to-1 long shot.

Break an egg: The growing popularity of chicken raising has prompted Marysville to draft some regulations for poultry raising. For example, residents would be limited to a maximum of 12 chickens on properties smaller than an acre.

But citing concern for the health of Marysville residents, city leaders said they were considering a limit of two eggs for all omelettes.