Cash or credit? Try cash this Christmas

It’s 13 days until Christmas and all through the house, not one person was stirring, not even that debt-laden mouse. Debt-laden mouse? Yep.

In 1993, America’s love affair with credit cards wracked up a debt of $292 billion. In 2005, that amount has almost blown four-fold to $801 billion dollars.

In light of this, wouldn’t it be smarter to reduce the amount of debt we all owe on our credit cards by shopping a little more wisely?

In my recent trip to shop for my nieces and nephews, I spent a grand total of $45 for them at Walgreens. Toys which cost about $10 a piece, and were a treasure to behold. But it didn’t land me in credit card debt one bit. Nope.

Because I never owned a credit card. I used cash.

Think about this the next time you go shopping and want to whip out the Grinch card to complete your purchases: Should I use cash or credit?

Schuyler Thorpe


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