Cater to majority and things thrive

Here’s to the economic rebound of 2013. And as Froma Harrop noted in her Wednesday column, “Obama may be best economic president ever,” thank goodness President Obama continues to be at the helm of our country. No doubt Republicans cringe at that statement, but it’s really time they faced reality — history clearly shows that economic policies that promote austerity, lower taxes on the wealthy, and raise them on everyone else clearly do not benefit our country.

Given the clear track record, one can only wonder why Republican economic policies are taken seriously at all? The answer is, of course, that the few who benefit from these policies hold an inordinate amount of control and influence over the media and many politicians, and continue to promote discredited dogma and economic strategies for their own purposes.

That so many middle class people give credence to mainstream Republican economic “authorities” (hello Paul Ryan) is a testament to their ability to peddle snake oil. Here’s hoping that 2014 will be the year that more people are able to acknowledge the fact that our country thrives when traditional Democratic economic values are implemented.

Larry Wechsler