Change will cost a bundle for many

By now we all can pretty much see where the ACA is going. There does not seem to be a single poll where the popularity of this law is positive. While grasping at reasons, many are blaming a website. However, the failures go well beyond a website. Yes, the experience is bad now and will inevitably improve with changes and upgrades. The real failures, however, are much deeper and these cannot be fixed by simple marketing (as the president is attempting) and more advertising.

The population who lost their coverage because of this law is growing and will continue to grow. Some Democrats are technically correct that the numbers only impact privately insured plans and not a huge percent of the population. On the other side — even this number far exceeds the number of uninsured the act was supposed to help. This is just one glaring failure. The next one is that when people do shop and manage to get the offered policies on the screen, most are finding them less affordable, often by double or triple digit percentages.

My own experience resulted in a 600 percent premium increase if I was to purchase through this exchange. I am fortunate to be a veteran and do not have to do this right now (yet). However, next year when the employer mandate kicks in — I will be subject to this for my family. In my case the pain is imminent. I will have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in either a fine or for coverage that I do not need for my family. This is like being forced to purchase a Corvette for my daily commute. The ratio of affected people in the future when this kicks in will be in the millions.

The fact that people have to purchase plans that redistribute risk in non-market driven pools are simply poor business models and insurance companies will eventually start pulling out of the market and doctors will stop practicing in larger proportions than they already are. This act needs to be repealed now and the government needs to get out of health care. When the ACA fails and it will, the alternative will be a return to private sector markets or a complete government takeover (AKA Single payer). In my opinion the latter was the goal from the beginning — as stated very clearly by the leader many of you elected last year. Bitter pills and bad medicine, open wide.

Don Thompson

Lake Stevens

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